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Voz De Gospel
Voz De Gospel

Voz De Gospel - Edition 1 is a captivating and limited edition art print that beautifully presents the words of Jesus. What sets Voz De Gospel apart is its meticulous arrangement of Jesus' words from the Bible.


Every word He spoke, from His childhood to His post-resurrection teachings, has been included in this print. To ensure clarity and coherence, duplicate verses have been thoughtfully removed (such as Luke 4:4 and Matthew 4:4 “As Scripture says, ‘Human beings do not live by only eating bread, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”), allowing the true essence of Jesus' teachings to shine through.


Measuring 40 inches wide by 32 inches tall, this piece is accompanied by a 3-inch mat on all four sides, adding an elegant touch to its presentation.


From a distance, the artwork showcases an intriguing and beautiful abstract blur design that piques curiosity and draws the viewer in for a closer look. Upon closer inspection, viewers will discover the incredible craftsmanship of Voz De Gospel. The words,  arranged in size 7 font, are easily discernible, inviting a deeper connection with the message. 

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